Q: Does the ID really work?
A: Yes this ID will fool all of your friends, it is only intended for entertainment purposes and is illegal to try and purchase tobacco/alcohol with it. You will face criminal charges if caught.
Read fake id reviews twitter to make choice.

Q: How long does it take to get my ID?
A: We do business 24/7 365. Which means once you submit your information it will be edited within 24 hours and mailed to your destination. Expect 3-5 days through snail mail and 36 hours for overnight shipping (add $20.00).

Q: How do I take my picture?
A: Stand against a blank wall, color does not matter. Take the picture from your waste up. Make sure there is plenty of room, we cannot do anything if you send us a picture with half your head cut off. We edit the picture you send us and fill the proper background color.

Q: How authentic are your novelty ID’s?
A: They are very similar to a driver’s license howevever, they are not driver’s license. We do not issue a government issue ID. We issue novelty ID’s they look just alike but one is a fake.

Q: Do they have holograms?
A: You may add that to your order for $30.00. However the id’s without holograms look just as good and will fool all of your friends.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: Yes, if your ID has a defect that we caused we will gladly make you another ID. If you lose your ID we will gladly reprint the same one at a discounted price. E-mail us and let us know your order # and we will give you a coupon code that you may enter on the Order page. We do not credit or refund cash, sorry.

Q: Do you offer Group Rates?
A: Yes, for every 5 people that you get to order we will give you a 50% discount. If you get 10 friends to order we will give you your ID for FREE.

Q: How do I purchase an ID?
A: Click on the Order link and it will direct you to the forms to fill out to customize your ID. Once you submit the forms you can pay through Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover.

Q: Do you accept cash?
A: Yes we do accept cash. Please send your money enclosed to our P.O. Box #. We prefer online transactions for this good reason, you will receive your ID faster.

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