Just as Americans are rallying for lowering the legal drinking age in the United States, teens are also doing this in London. Reports, here, however seem more severe and the teens more uncontrollable. Either that or London features them more and is generally not as used or reliable at having the teens maintain their decorum as in other European countries or regions. The legal age in London starts at 18 years old. Once they reach that age, they can go around pubs and taverns to drink and be merry. However, it is considerably a good idea to take ones identification card with you especially if you look younger than legal age as the government is becoming stricter as riots and other drunken incidents occur, the most recent being the tube incident. It is the incident wherein drinkers gathered to celebrate the last day by drinking in the tube trains before the banning of alcohol on transports such as tubes and trains. Four drivers of tube trains, along with three other staff members with two policemen were attacked during the event. Other losses are several trains that have been withdrawn from service causing suspension of travel.

As with trying to control the hype of rebellious teenagers, the government has also introduced a new strategy named challenge 21 where basically if you seem younger than the age of twenty-one, the server or clerk of the establishment will request to see your ID before the sale of alcoholic beverages. This is especially strict in large stores, shopping centers and supermarkets as the shop clerks and assistants would rather not pay a fine for something so stupid and retarded. Introduced by the government in hopes of controlling the issues of underage binge drinking in London, this rule may be seen either as complement or an insult depending on your age and disposition.

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