If you will be looking for Teslin paper, you are more likely to find it under commercial name that is Teslin Substrate.

This synthetic paper is more convenient to be applied in practice than normal paper and offers a number of benefits to those who investigate its using. If you need to make any applications requiring weather resistance and durability, Teslin offers a lot of various solutions.

Teslin Paper or what ID Cards are Made of

There are different benefits of using Teslin Substrate but we would like to emphasize the most significant and practically applied.

Teslin Substrate is really remarkable material. It is suitable for printing by many different processes including laser printers, inject printers, flexography, Xerox, and Offset press.

Another benefit of Teslin Substrate is the ability to be laminated and produce documents which have no edge to them. It may sound a bit complicated but we are going to make things clear right now. The point is that Teslin paper is an ideal material to be used for making laminated signs and ID cards. Actually, no edge is required to form a solid, sealed document. No wonder that various types of synthetic paper including Teslin Substrate have been used by different governmental bodies and commercial establishment for year. Obviously, because they are highly convenient for producing quality ID cards and do not require PVC card printing machines.

If we talk about the high convenience of applying Teslin Substrate, it will be appropriate to mention where it can be used. An extreme versatility of Teslin paper makes it truly great to be used for making a number of various applications:

ID Cards;
Indoor and outdoor signs;
Waterproof and foldable maps;
Playing Cards;
Underwater Fish Tags.
And it is far from being the whole list. It is universal material and different new ways of its applying constantly appear.

Teslin Paper Substrate Rate

If you think that synthetic paper is too simple to have different grades, you are quite mistaken. Experts define 15 various grades. Advanced users have 6 main grades of Teslin Substrate to be considered. But most users will think about 2 of them:

IJ for inject printers;
SPID for laser printers.
Of course, we are not paper –makers and do not need to know all 15 ways to grade Teslin Substrate, but this article won’t be completed without mentioning those grades advanced users should be aware of.

SP (Synthetic Printing): standard type of Teslin which is ideal to be used in flexography, offset presses, and works great with pigment based DuraBrite and UltraChrome inks.
TS (Thermally Stable): is good for use in flexography, intaglio, and offset presses. Don’t use paper of this grade with laser printers.
HD (High Density): is good for use in flexography, intaglio, and offset presses.
SPID: can be used perfectly in both color and monochrome laser printers, and Xerox machines. This grade is the only one appropriate for using in these printers.
Digital: the only grade to be used in a digital press.
IJ (Inject): was specially designed for using in inject printers. It is also called “IJ 1000 WP (water proof)”. Originally, paper of this grade was coated and could be printable on a single side. Now it has become highly convenient material which is easy to be printed on both sides.

To conclude, we should say that Teslin paper is truly universal paper solution which can be used either as normal paper in different printing equipment or as a unique material to make durable and resistant applications.

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