We deliver what we promise! All documents which we mediate for you to be handed over by a representative of the country in the embassy. You are always 100% sure that your documents are authentic. The documents you can renew in the same embassy, which they handed over you, without a file to fill without additional research or time consuming paperwork. We are strong, because we are unique in that respect.

All over the internet and in some economic and business magazines and newspapers, you will find a lot of organizations and individuals advertising for a second nationality and a second passport. Such a document has indeed many advantages. Anything that is a threat to a government authority and that favors your personal freedom, is subject to disapproval. There exist many misunderstandings about a second passport and a second nationality. However, it has many advantages. Whatever is said, having a second passport is in itself not illegal, if you have the right one and follow the right procedures. The advantages of a second passport are not restricted to a name change nor do they offer only a great advantage for those in society who for whatever reason feel the need to disappear.

A second passport is of unquestionable importance for those who want to protect their assets and keep them out of reach of any government who rather wants to be able to confiscate them
Moreover, it gives the owner complete freedom of traveling and to the economically or politically oppressed it is a life-buoy and the source of salvation. It is a perfect privacy tool and a means of reducing taxation liabilities.
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